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June 14, 2017

Sublime and Sensuous

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Ever fancied a cocktail hookah with ecstatic flavours that sublime softly in dim lit cafe floors? Well, a Delhi-based young hotelier has indeed been busy inventing exotic blends of hookah that may change the way sheesha is served in Indian cafes. Named Hookah Legacy, 24-year-old Aditya Modi’s start up is already serving cocktail hookah flavours in Delhi’s restaurants and marriage parties and has plans to expand to other cities in the near future.
“I have been a hookah fan ever since my college days and always wondered that one aspect which is lacking in mixing of flavours in India is the mixing and blending of quality flavours. That’s how I decided to come up with my own venture,” Modi told The Weekend Artist.

But quite like the treacherous blend that goes behind making a sublime hookah serving, setting up a business around hookah was a daunting task. A hotel management passout of the prestigious Les Rouche School, Switzerland, when Modi first floated the idea of starting Hookah Legacy to his family of exporters, their first reaction was “why hookah”. “But my father has always been supportive and backed me in my idea. It is a unique concept and I am poised to take it to wider pool of enthusiasts within India,” he said.

Even though Hookah Legacy started its operations on April 1, Modi and his team of blenders were at the job much in advance. “I use regular flavours. But what sets us apart is the blend and the fruit flavours that we have amalgamated in the mixture. Before we launched the concept, my blender colleagues and I spent numerous evening experimenting with the mixtures. I would give them flavours and they would come up with blends. We have incorporated the blends in our menu,” Modi said.

Currently catering to some well known restaurants in Delhi, Hookah Legacy offers customised Hookah menu with uniquely blended flavours titled: BFF, Orange Bong, Burj Khalifa, Big Ben and more at rates that vary with location and the target customer base. Interestingly, Cuteness Personified, a flavour Modi and his team have blend together is recommended only for the ladies!
While the sheesha, meaning the peculiar glass container remains a signature constant, the other elements which give a unique flavour to the hookah are the silicon chillum, the quantity of water, coconut coal and the blending of flavours. “Very few in India use silicon chillum. But I believe that contrary to a clay chillum, a silicon chillum creates more smoke and looks classier,” he adds.

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