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August 9, 2017 7 Karma codes

Free spirit: A corporate’s spiritual journey

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Author, wellness mentor, spiritual teacher and a certified clinical hypnotherapist Suzy Singh talks to The Weekend Artist about how she gave up her advertising career in search of her spiritual calling and her journey from a life changing accident to writing her latest book: 7 Karma Codes

7 Karma Codes

MOM, who will be there for me when you go? Lying in bed following a traumatic accident, Suzy Singh’s then five-year-old daughter asked her this question. And while Suzy had already given up her 18-year-long career in advertising in search of her spiritual calling, the innocent question was to pave way for her journey ahead. One life changing accident and two- half written books later, Suzy, a wellness mentor, spiritual teacher and a certified clinical hypnotherapist, recently released her book 7 Karma Codes, which she believes is the culmination of a search that began with her daughter’s naive question.

“We were traveling from Mussoorie to Dehradun and I was in a deep state of trance witnessing a Near Death Experience (NDE). A screeching yell from my husband got me back to reality and brought back a terrible splitting headache. It was pitch dark on an unknown jungle road and we had had a horrible head-on collision with a tractor. My father was lying unconscious on the rear seat, my mother had broken a rib and my daughter had a leg fracture. My husband was frantically looking around for help. The accident broke my face and when the local villagers took us to a lonely village and put 60 stitches without anaesthesia, I overheard them talking about me and saying that her life was over and with a distorted face like that, none of the family members were going to accept her. It was that moment of realisation and the fear — that I would be rejected — which has been one of the driving forces behind my life post that accident.”

The spiritual journey

“I was 15 when, in Jaipur, a Sadhu came to my doorsteps, gave me a rosary and disappeared. While I still have it with me, I have never seen that Sadhu again. And I feel the rosary activated something. My life post that day has been an amalgamation of two parallel journeys — one smitten by spirituality wherein I continued meditating and exploring the spiritual path, and the other as an advertising professional. But at one point in my career, I realised that if spirituality was my calling, then continuing a mismatching professional journey was a futile exercise. That moment, I quit my job in Lintas Bangalore and decided to follow the spiritual path.”

Why the book:

“The accident happened a year after I quit my job. I was on a family holiday in Mussoorie, which was cut short by the massive 6.8 magnitude earthquake. We were forced to leave Mussourie the next morning and travel to Dehradun, when, en route, the accident took place. And it changed my life forever! Before that horrific night, my daughter and I were inseparable souls. But for almost six weeks after that accident, my daughter would not talk to me. And to me, that was a major shock. It made me feel as if the words of the villagers were coming true and that I was being rejected, of all, by my daughter. When she first spoke after those six weeks, she said that she thought I had died. Years later, she narrated what happened on the night of the accident. Minutes after the crash, when I was stuck in the car, she saw a group of people, dressed in white robes, taking me away in a bus. To her, those were souls which took me away. After narrating the incident, she asked me that question — Mom, who will be there for me when you go? For years, I have been trying to seek an answer to that one question. And that search has been the original seed for the book.”

The philosophy:

“It is a fact of life that we live preparing for death. But even though we intellectually know that we would one day die, we do not allow the thought to sink-in and keep postponing it for a later date. Our lives are primarily driven by two instincts — the will to survive and the will to grow and evolve. The will to survive is fueled by fear while the will to grow and evolve is triggered by love. I believe that the big picture is to clean the soul. So if I am born with a particular cocktail with different proportions of the three tendencies — sattva, rajas and tamas — the idea is to increase the proportion of sattva.”

The purpose:

“I believe that we are creating generations after generations of traumatised children who are carrying forward the unresolved traumas of ancestors. It needs to stop. So to me, the book is my attempt to reach out with a solution to the maximum number of people. The seven codes in the book help you understand how to deal with practical, real life challenges. Each chapter is divided into two parts, explaining — one, why does a particular thing happen in life and two, how to deal with it. It helps readers understand how to befriend themselves and use their dreams and intuitions to connect with their souls.”

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In 2012 at an energy seminar, people asked me when I was going to write my book. Even though I had two half- written books, I was not writing any at that time. But their questions made me feel that I had a book in me. Looking back, I feel that my spiritual journey and my corporate life prepared me for this book. And en route, I found an answer to my daughter’s question. The answer is — She has to be her own companion after I go! I am here to just empower her to be able to do that!

(As told to: Pranav Kulkarni)

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